(requerda_me) wrote in of_the_franklin,


franklin russell orr owns.

Name: cassie.
Age: fourteen.
Where are you?: california.
Views On The Man Himself: he is god, freal. but he & issy are totally soulmates.
Current Position/Position of Choice: secretary of war.
Please Quote Mr Franklin (So we know you're a fan.): "what's shakin'?"
How'd You Find Us?: one of the original members.
Promote & Give A Link: no thanks.
What do Franky & Alyssa Have In Common: their love of mandy moore. & their vocabulary.
State A Rule So We Know You Read 'Em: don't get your hate on, community.
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BOOOOOOOO you suck

make sure your quote is accurate next time. & also, promotion is pretty necessary at this stage in the game.

it's "what's shaking?" i said, "what's shaken?"

yeah, sorry we really need to crack down on this thing, so only true franky fans are allowd.

thanks, anyways. if you don't get in, please apply again in three weeks.