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The Community of the Franklin
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This is a community dedicated to Franklin Orr. Franky Orr, is THE coolest person ever, you must agree hence the community joining. You can up your position in this comunity by advising more people to join, posting about things pertaining to the topic (Franky), by telling me who the hell Samaire Armstrong is, & by helping make icons, etc. Thank-you; have a nice day. Holler.

1) Don't get your hate on, community.
2) Have fun like woah, community.
3) We like Franky so bad, community.
4) Holler.

Where are you?:
Views On The Man Himself:
Current Position/Position of Choice:
Please Quote Mr Franklin (So we know you're a fan.):
How'd You Find Us?:
Promote & Give A Link:
What do Franky & Alyssa Have In Common:
State A Rule So We Know You Read 'Em:

* Fill it out & Post it with the subject line: Franklin Russell Orr owns. Myself, Beth, Emmett, & any accepted members (which are only the three of us, as of now) will voting on whether you are worthy. Please apply as soon as possible.

The Much Anticipated and Updated List of Positions
IT: Franky
President: Alyssa
Vice President: Beth
Maryland-er(s): Amelia Bedelia, Meg, LJ, Lauren, Sergio, Todd, and hollygolightly6
Secretary of War: Cassie
Tresurer/Bitch: Liz
Vice Treasurer: Sasha
Jesus: Hannah
Vice Jesus: ____Pending____
Executive Pope: ____Pending_____
Rabbi: Megan
Govenor of Maryland: Charlotte
Chief Observer: Sean
Make-up Atrist/Costume Design: Tanya
Secretary of PacSun: Josh
Director of Rasberry(Peach) Snapple/Non-Wearing Skirts Associate: Kayla
Chief Exectutive Director of Art and anything having to do with everything about the appearance of this community: Adrienne
Senior Advisor of Foreign Exhange: Catherine
Cheerleader: Meghann
Speaker of the House: Breeana
House of Representatives: Cassie's Friends
Judiciary Commitee: Lake's Friends
HighSchooler: Nick Geyer
Chief Exectutive Director of Something Long and Forgetable: Matt
Coast Guard: ____Pending____
Yes: Robbie
President of the Outside World: Cleo
Vice President of the Ouside World: Farah
Secret Agent: Jenn
Fireman: Max
Senator of Calmont: Liv
Senator of Fairfield: Kody
Senators Assistant: Austin
Senator of CHS: Jessie S.
Senator of Chaminad: Candice
Senator of Nobel: Alyssa S.
Senator of Buckley: Molly
Um ok: urpenisxuranus, upthebum
Chief Operating Exectuive of the OC: hurlie_gurlie
Quantum Physicist/Tennis Player: Jordan
Blonde: Liz O.
Red: Caitlin
Collin Farell: Lane
Foreign Exchange Officer: pending
Good at Everything: Natasha
Pirate Captain/Director of Making People Cry: Tem
Pirate: Polly
Wench: Lake
JonBoy: Jon
Special: Aaron
Exectutive OverSeeers: bluefrosting, brainsofsass, bynzomatic, cannontoy, corwynn, izitintermishen,, lovelydisaster_, octaviatoll, , tarnished_heart, and unsuspecting_, vipr232n

-- Thanks again.