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Franklin Russel Orr Owns. (Like woah)

Name: Liz
Age: Fourteen.
Where are you?: At a desk...in my house.
Views On The Man Himself: His hair is sexy supreme.
Current Position/Position of Choice: Tresurer/Bitch: Liz I already have one I just got a new el jay. Uh, DUH.
Please Quote Mr Franklin (So we know you're a fan.): later, kiddies.
How'd You Find Us?: I wrote fucking post its with Issa and Beth at school how the hell do you think?
Promote & Give A Link: Uuuh right.
What do Franky & Alyssa Have In Common: They are soulmates. Uh, DUH.
State A Rule So We Know You Read 'Em: Have fun like woah, community.
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