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Franklin Russel Orr Owns

Name: Matthew Schiff (Shizmeyer) Adelson
Age: 14 yrs. 5 months 21 days
Where are you?: in my room
Views On The Man Himself: he's hot, he's cool, i'd fuck him were he and the almight alyssa not married
Current Position/Position of Choice: Chief Exectutive Director of Something Long and Forgetable. and if you could pretty please add "chief of geropsychiatrics"
Please Quote Mr Franklin (So we know you're a fan.): "what's shakin'?"
How'd You Find Us?: fate guided me (i.e. beth/alyssa)
Promote & Give A Link: also on my away messages on occasion
What do Franky & Alyssa Have In Common: the fact that they are meant for each other
State A Rule So We Know You Read 'Em: 3) We like Franky so bad, community. (everyone used holler but im just rebellious like that)
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